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New appointments

To schedule an appointment, please contact our office at 817-882-6868/817-266-0224. We are accepting new patients at this time. Please provide us your current insurance information and a valid ID during each office visit.

Missed appointments

At Trident Heart and Vascular we understand unforeseen things may happen. But canceling your appointment or by not showing, you have also denied someone else their opportunity to be seen. Your first missed appointment/no show will be considered no fault. But if it repeatedly happens without 48 hours notice there will be an additional charge of $25 per cancellation. After 3 consecutive cancelled or missed appointments/no-shows, you shall be dismissed form the practice at the discretion of the physician. You will be charged $75 to your account for missed/cancelled echo and vascular appointments without 24 hour notice.


If you experience severe chest pain or  significant breathing difficulty or any life threatening symptoms, call 911 immediately. Isymptoms are relieved with rest or medication, but the symptoms were worse than usual, go to the Emergency department.

If you have mild and new symptoms and different from usual symptoms and it occurs during office hours, call our office and speak with a provider or his assistant.

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