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At Trident Heart and Vascular we are happy to offer Telehealth visits.  


To provide this service we need some preparation on your part. An office staff can walk you through the process prior to your Telehealth visit with the physician, but please have the following ready prior to your scheduled time. 


  • Please read and sign the document provided below as part of your HIPAA compliance. 

  • Please have your blood pressure reading/heart rate/weight/temperature measured prior to the visit.  

  • Please have your list of prescriptions and over the counter medications at hand and mention if you are in need of refills. 

  • Please be seated in a well-lit, noise free room alone or with a family member whom you do not mind sharing your health details. 


Thank you for your patience and kindness as we work through this new process together. 


Note: Telehealth is for established patients only. All new patients are required to have an in-person visit prior to receiving Telehealth services. Please note that we can address most issues through Telehealth, 

although some may require a closer, in-depth examination and in-person visit. 


In case of any emergencies please call 911. 

Telehealth consent form

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